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From June 9th to 16th, jfc Medienzentrum and Mittwochs Maler/SKM Köln will invite 35 young people from 5 countries (France, Germany, Romania, Spain and UK) to the COLOGNE GRAFFITI EXCHANGE 2010 – IMAGING CULTURAL DIVERSITY project that will promote intercultural, social and political dialogue through art and media.

The Flyer:

CGX2010 – Flyer Vorderseite

CGX2010 – Flyer Rückseite

Framed by the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, young graffiti artists – 15 to 25 years old, will get the opportunity to collaborate in common projects, to develop and to express their political, cultural and religious ideas, wishes and demands as citizens of Europe and the world.

During the camp they will learn from professional artists how to use legal Graffiti and other art forms as powerful communication tools, and at the end they will be able to find ideas for their own future activities and possibly profession. The young people will take part in different workshops about graffiti, art and media disciplines like painting big murals with common topics, doing graffiti on canvas, airbrushing on different materials, painting with oil colours, preparing a common exhibition, working with light graffiti and digital graffiti (TagTool), VJing, making animated movies, working with professional graphic and video software etc.

Based in the community center “Alte Feuerwache” in Cologne, Germany, the COLOGNE GRAFFITI EXCHANGE 2010 will encourage the young people to learn from graffiti, art and media professionals and from the other young people through common projects.

The COLOGNE GRAFFITI EXCHANGE 2010 will empower the participants to use their cultural roots as starting points to learn more about different cultural backgrounds, political views and social livings. They will focus and tranform their experiences, creating new results, to show the public a new, creative, modern and a forward-looking European youth.
At the end there will be a big exhibition in the “Alte Feuerwache” where the public is invited to see all the different results and products of the exchange.


09.06.2010 - 16.06.2010



Contact person: Maurizone > HipHop Network > Germany


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