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ROOTS & ROUTES CASTING 2011 - Application
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ROOTS & ROUTES offers projects for offspring artists in the sectors music, dance & media on national and international level.

For participation (Music/Dance) in the projects you have to qualify at the ROOTS & ROUTES Casting.
For Media you have to send us a motivation letter and a work sample (YouTube-Link, CD or DVD).
Following projects are available:

R&R COLOGNE - Workshops & Club performance
R&R EXPERIENCE - International Creative Residency
R&R ACADEMY - apprenticeship as offspring coach

Information about the projects:

R&R COLOGNE - Workshops & Club performance
oneweek-long workshop with professionals, where singers, rappers and one band write songs and record them at studio; dancers learn new dance styles and create a stage show; the video group produces interviews, videofeatures and music videos.
On the last day the highlight will be set with the performance at Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, the hot spot of Cologne's event scene.
space of time: 20.-28.04.
fee of participation: 20 euro

R&R EXPERIENCE - Creative Residency:
At the Creative Residency you create
an interdisciplinaire stage show with choreographs and young artists from everywhere in europe consisting of elements of music, dance and media - which is first released within the culture festival Sommerblut.
space of time: 23.-29.05.
fee of participation:30 euro

R&R ACADEMY - apprenticeship as offspring coach:
Young talents are qualified to Peer Coaches by professional artists, culture- and media educatiors for creative work with younger teens. Moduls of theory and practice transfer creative contents and educational expertise and therefor prepares you for your own workshop offer. .
space of time: 23.07.-07.08.
fee of participation: 100 euro (incl. room and board)

You can participate at several projects. Please tell us with your application, what you are interessted in.

Date: Sunday, 10.04.2011
Place: Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
11:00 Dancers
14:00 Instrumentalists
15:30 Singers/Rappers

For application to the Casting click the link above

If You have questions, contact Andreas Kern: l 0221-13056150


10.04.2011 - 10.04.2011


Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld

Contact person: Mr Kern > jfc > Germany


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Casting 2011

Casting 2011

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