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HipHop-Camp Barcelona 2005
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From August 10th to 20th 2005 more than 70 young people from Sweden, Spain, England, Germany and all over the world met for a common creative and intercultural experience. Near Barcelona in Spain they worked on their skills and exchanged experiences and inspiration in crosscultural workshops covering all about HipHop culture: rapping, singing, DJing, live instruments, graffiti, breakdancing, choreography dancing and media.

The project was funded by the EU YOUTH programme with additional funding and sponsoring by the City of Cologne youth office, Adobe and Steinberg.


10.08.2005 - 20.08.2005



Contact person: Miss Putnam > Germany


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Bonita Señorita

Bonita Señorita

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The Flow of Victory part III - Documentary

The Flow of Victory part I​…

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HipHopCamp2005 > jfc > Germany




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